Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I had meant to start my blog with some great explanation of why I was starting a blog (which is to record and share all the precious moments of London's life that I felt were getting lost due to my lack of scrapbooking skills), but then I realized that while I was trying to come up with some great introduction, that many special and funny moments were going by, so I just jumped right in. So even though this blog's beginnings are rough and a bit unpolished, I am just happy that they are there to share with those we love. Oh, and if you are wondering where the name came from, it's twofold. It was the original name of my 'designer' burp cloths that have taken a momentary (and long) hiatus and it also, and more importantly, describes the reason behind the blogging. I LOVE spending time with London. I know these times of dress-up and baby dolls, and yes, little tea parties won't last forever and I want to record every precious moment. God has truly blessed me with my family and I want not only to remember the times we spend together, but give Him thanks, every day, for the wonderful gifts that they are. I will always cherish having tea with London.

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