Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Scream, You Scream....

There is really no point to this post other than to share my growing concern over the questionable looking ice cream truck drivers we have in our community. Most of you are probably thinking that I shouldn't be judging people by the way they look, but these are probably the same people who have not seen our assortment of ice cream vendors circling our neighborhoods. What could be more shady than a man who looks as if he was just released from Federal circling the block playing inviting music and peddling ice cream to small children. That's what I thought. The last man I saw had an eye patch (and it was not a discrete one), among other things; I mean, seriously people, an eye patch, it doesn't really help the friendly neighborhood ice cream man persona. James told me I should snap a picture of him to get the full affect for this post, but somehow I didn't think that would be the best idea. So at this point London is not allowed to get ice cream from the ice cream trucks, ever. Poor kid, I told you I was the queen of paranoia.

I felt compelled to add that there are many kind, wonderful ice cream truck drivers, and I am very grateful for them and the spirit of fun they add to the community. This is something I would typically have only said to my husband or close friends, so please feel free to share any 'issues' or 'concerns' you experience in your life, with me; I'm just keeping it real people!

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Jenae C. said...

I totally agree!!! I feel somewhat guilty about it, but I do feel a little nervous when I hear that beloved "Do your ears hang low" song somwhere in the distance. Maybe it just our neighborhood...I am sure they are very nice people, just a little scary looking. :) We had fun at the zoo today, even though we got to see you for only a little bit. London is so precious!!!