Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pizza Parlor

London tenderly placing sauce on each pizza.

"Aargh Cheese!"

More Cheese...

Waiting patiently for the pizzas to cook (she sat down and put the tray on herself before I had even closed the oven).

One of London's favorite (and messiest) activities is cooking, and one of her favorite things to 'cook' are mini pizzas. I don't know if its the horrified look on my face when she is slinging red, 'Shout Out' repelent pizza sauce around, or if its when she's covering everything within a two foot radius with shredded mozzerella cheese. Whichever it is, she LOVES it, and she actually eats what she's made. Then there's me, trying to be the good, domestic, health conscious mother adding things (secretly) to the pizza sauce like pureed spinach-just to give London (and my ego) that extra little boost. But alas, all this was in vain when I realized during our latest pizza making experiment that the cheese wasn't actually cheese. In fact, it didn't even smell like cheese. In my attempts to be thrifty at the grocery store, I had picked up the cheese that was almost two whole dollars less - without reading the fine print on the package. Imitation cheese, it's not made with anything natural, not even milk. I didn't even know that was possible. And I swear that it smells exactly like the baby wipes I just bought-very disconcerning. James just attributes it to my crazy overly sensitive pregnancy hormones. But no matter how strong and perceptive my sense of smell has become, food and toiletry items should not be confused.

I bet you'll never guess which one London did (as if the cheese hanging out of her mouth in a previous picture didn't give it away).

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Beth Sears said...

Kristen I love your blog! It is too precious and funny! Can't wait to read more! Love, Beth